Meet The Team

Karin Crompton

If there's one person who I couldn't have done this without, it's Karin! Having a Story Coach on hand every step of the way gave every author incredible confidence and helped to make an awesome book!

Candice L Davis

Bringing her abundant experience as a seasoned ghostwriter and book editor, Candice served the project as our Editorial Advisor and kept us moving ahead beautifully.

Samantha Angel

We can thank Samantha's creativity for our beautiful cover design and all of the images that help us all promote the book!

Samantha Angel

Michelle Aubin

Michelle stepped up to help interview potential authors and form the project from the very beginning.

Lynn Leush

Lynn helped us proofread all of the stories and said yes everytime we asked for help in making the book project a success.

Pam Hamilton

One of our authors, Pam also served as a eagle eye proofreader and supported efforts to get ready for the book launch.

Tishia Lee

Tishia was our Project Manager as well as participating as an author. She confidently runs projects for other entrepreneurs and just might have space to help you one day.

Sandy Lawrence

Sandy is a great asset to authors who are looking to self publish and promote a book. For this project she served as a publicity advisor and warm comforting presence!