Would you like to get past all that holds you back?

Meet Nineteen Imperfect Women Who Prove It's Possible.


Get Past Your Sh*t Group Six Part Coaching Intensive

Fears, Insecurities, Shitty Circumstances, and all of the Dusty Old Programming that mucks up your thinking and skews your self image...

This Sh*t gets in the way... literally holding you back from being who you know you are meant to be.

I'm going to take you through a Six Session Coaching Pattern that shines a light on what holds you back so that you can CHOOSE a path that takes you past it.

So you can create more of what you want in your life and business.

Our 2023 Live Coaching Schedule:

Tuesday, October 24th - 1pm & 7pm Eastern

Wednesday, October 25th - 1pm & 7pm Eastern

Thursday, October 26th - 1pm & 7pm Eastern

There are Six Coaching Sessions in total and you don't have to stress yourself to be live for each one, all will be recorded and posted for you to catch up as soon as you can.

You'll Get My Get Past Your Sh*t Coaching Workbook (PDF)

Ask questions and share insights via The Stretching Zone FB Group 😋

Bonus: You Get One Personal AMA (Ask Me Anything)
Ask Your Laser Coaching Question And Get My A Private Recorded Reply.

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Meet The Instigator...

I'm a blogger, podcaster, business and mindset coach - and now, an author and book collaboration organizer too! My life as an entrepreneur is centered around helping you publish content you're proud of for people you love. In all my years as a coach and trainer, I've come to realize how important a healthy mindset is to being successful - and that work, both personally and professionally had led to this book project.

With this book, I long to prove you don't have to wait for perfect circumstances and a fear free thought life to do what you dream of.

Sharing my experiences and life lessons with others is a joy. Inviting others to join me is even more rewarding. I'm honored to share space with my co-authors, knowing the powerful impact that awaits you!

- Kelly McCausey