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Sometimes You Forget How Awesome You Are

It'd be marvelous if we never-ever-ever lost sight of our purpose and potential, but we do, don't we? 

It helps to be reminded we are uniquely designed, limitlessly creative and always growing into the next best version of ourselves. If you're like most of the women I know, you're determined to live a vibrant life doing work you love. 

Encouraging you in this is what I have in mind with every Mindset Note I send.

Kelly McCausey
Encourager Of Business Women & Avid Love Note Writer

How Often Do Intimidating Thoughts Hold You Back?

We've got to shake off the nonsense and get back to playing the big game we're made for. That's why I'm writing love notes to a community of entrepreneurial women and I'd like to include YOU!

This Isn't Email You'll Scan & Forget

I'm sending real cards in actual envelopes, stamped and sent off with love! I want you to open and feel the love and inspiration bursting out.

There's magic in holding a card in your hand in this over-digitized world. It isn't as easy for your mind to blow off the positive message and you've got the card to look back at anytime you want.

Ooooh... What Am I Going To Find In My Mailbox?

I design a custom note card with my message for Mindset Notes members every month. It's a loving nudge reminding you how powerful you are.

You'll feel totally fired up to tackle your big goals and dreams!

Because I adore putting positive messages just about everywhere, I love stickers with upbeat sentiments - I'll send you my favorites with every mailing!

Sexy up your laptop, decorate your journal, or add high vibe pizzazz to your calendar - that's what I do!

Why Is Mindset So Important?

As a long-time business coach helping thousands to build what they want, I've seen that of all the tools and resources we need as entrepreneurs, support for our mindset deserves the highest priority.

I can give you every bit of knowledge I've got and all the tools I've used to build my business, but if your mindset is stuck in a much of insecurities and doubt - you won't leverage them.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When Will You Mail My Mindset Notes?

I'm going to drop them all at the Post Office at the end of each month.

I'm Outside Of The US, Can I Join?

Yes, you'll pay a bit more per month to cover the extra postage.

Can I Send Mindset Notes to a friend?

Heck yeah! One Year Gift Accounts are available.

What Is Your Refund Policy?

No refunds. If you find Mindset Notes is not for you, just cancel before you're billed again. 

What Makes You Such A Great Love Note Writer?

Honestly, because I have been loved. That and I feel called to support and motivate others to take up the space in this life they were created for. I have a heart for female leaders and know how tough it can be to stay encouraged in the arena of business. My coaching program is full right now so try as I might, I can't spent time encouraging everyone one by one - but I can write a damned great love note ❤

On a less mushy note, I started in 2002. I built an internet based business that set me free of debt and the day job back in 2006. Since then I've grown multiple businesses into well respected brands. I am best known for coaching, blogging, podcasting, and hosting great events at LovePeopleMakeMoney.com.

Can I Order Your Stickers Individually?

Yes! I have an Etsy Store set up for this here. There are some cute note cards there too.